Saturday, April 15, 2017


Valton Tyler, Salute to Glory
oil on canvas re-post (link here).

David Dike Fine Art is having their annual auction this January 20th. If you want to get a sense of Texas history depicted by the artists, this is a perfect place to experience the past. If you have in your head any cliche notions about art from Texas past, this show will help dispel any preconceived ideas.

Sure, a few pieces are cowboys, after all this is Texas, but the diversity of art is pretty impressive. Lots of landscapes, some portraits, and still lifes works are available, but there is also some non-objective abstract work that deals with formal elements on display.

Edmund Kinzinger’s Cubist Nude is a great example of a cubist work. I am reminded Braque’s Large Nude, only Kinzinger uses more vibrant colors and his nude is far less coy. Plus, I could conceivably afford Kinzinger’s cubist work. William Lester has several pieces that are in the regionalist style that exaggerated the landscape, similar to Thomas Hart Benton. Speaking of Benton, there is one of those too. For a bit more of a surreal look, Kelly Fearing has made an image of a hanging textile with birds pecking at a blue floor. Deforrest Judd’s work also has some high Modernist style and reminds me a bit of Georgia ‘O'Keeffe. I enjoyed the simple line work of Robert Preusser. Phil Kimbrough has two works that remind me of Stuart Davis in style, which I enjoy.

Only a few times have felt so connected by a random portrait, Emily Guthrie Smith managed to make a portrait of a girl with which I somehow felt entranced. Smith was part of the locally important group of artists that came out of Fort Worth. Valton Tyler stands out as one of the strangest artists in the auction. I know the Valley House shows his work. Surreal doesn’t fully describe him. He’s more of an enigma because he is hard to pin down as belonging to anything. I have seen him described as futurist and I guess that is somewhat accurate.

Personally, if you want to build a collection that fills in some of the history of our area then this would be a great place to start. Or if you are just interested in some traditional pieces that are made by at least recognizable artists with some reputation, then this would be a good place to start collecting. Also if you want to look around to see where we have come from, and then go visit the contemporary art galleries, you might get a little context. No matter the reason, the at least the preview shows if not the auction itself will be worth your time to see.

The previews for the artworks are on January 10-14 and 16-20 from 10am to 5pm at Wildman Art Framing in the Design District. There is also a preview reception on the 19th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Bidding is on the 20th of January and starts 12 noon sharp.

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