Tuesday, April 25, 2017


William Betts Senegal, Color Space Series, 2017, Acrylic on canvas,
48 x 72 inches courtesy Holly Johnson Gallery

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Dallas Mayor Rawlings has declared this Art Month. This is an extension of time from a week to a month. It is an ambitious move that should have a big payoff for the city or could dilute public’s attention by such an extension. Only time will tell, but I would like to declare April 1st through the April 9th the nine-day Visual Art Week. Over 20 gallery openings, receptions, and events will be launched on April 1st, no fooling. Nasher Prize Gala will also be held on April 1st. At the end of the long week is the Dallas Art Fair, which has become something of a destination fair rather than just a regional one.

What shows should you see on April 1st? My first stop will be both Cris Worley and Holly Johnson. Cris Worley Fine Arts for one of my favorite text artists Simeen Farhat. Her work is a true marvel that plays with a powerful subject matter, text. She doesn’t smash you over the head with obvious messages but instead allows the viewer to pick out words and letters to infer information. I am also incredibly excited to see William Betts at Holly Johnson Gallery. I can’t tell you how many times I encountered William Betts’ paintings when I went down to Houston. Betts is known for meticulously painted images of dots that create an abstract image or in some cases a kind of grainy surveillance camera look.

Next, I must go see Howard Sherman over at Circuit 12 for a second visit. I had an incredible conversation with Sherman and I hope to give a full report next week. But in the meantime, I need to give the show one more look. Another must see, without a doubt is the solo show of John Pomara at Barry Whistler Gallery. Like every Star Wars movie that comes out, I have to go see them and so it is with a John Pomara show in Dallas. He has been dropping hints on social media and what I am seeing is quite impressive. I can’t wait to see the paintings in person.

If you want to see some fresh faces, check out Mary Tom├ís Gallery. A batch of 4 artists are featured at the gallery: Chong Chu, Juan Alberto Negroni, Ellen Soffer, and Thomas Zanz. I will be in abstract bliss. Stephen D'Onofrio and Anna Kunz will add to that bliss with their abstract work shown at Galleri Urbane. Both artists’ painting styles ooze cool. While you're over near Galleri Urbane, drop by Liliana Bloch Gallery to get a collage fix from Vince Jones. I haven’t quite got the hang of making a good collage, but seeing enough great work will help inform that process. I am betting Jones will help me get my needs filled.

By now, your head is spinning with all these great art exhibition choices. I am having a hard time making choices for the best shows to see too, mainly because most of the galleries brought their game face this month. To be honest, I couldn’t list all the shows I wanted to see this weekend. Pace yourself and have fun looking around. You don’t have to go to all the openings, after all that is why most of the shows are up all month.

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