Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Trevor Whitney Gallery

Here is the tagline for a book I want to get. 

In 1983 Trevor Whitney – young, handsome and charming – comes to New York City with big dreams of opening a gallery specializing in historical American art. Despite a lot of money, a fabulous eye and vast knowledge of American art, Trevor has no way to break into this exclusive world of high end art trading. But serendipity is on his side, and Trevor is introduced to the one person who can help him – Charles Brightman, whose inside knowledge of all the players soon propels Trevor’s gallery into the public eye. Aided by his beautiful assistant Claire MacKenzie, the gallery grows and prospers beyond Trevor’s dreams. Just when it seems as if the gallery will last forever and Trevor and Claire will realize how much they care for each other, a series of misunderstandings leaves the gallery vulnerable. A seductive con artist plans to use his lust for her to stage the biggest coup of her career. Can the gallery survive, and will true love find Trevor and Claire after all?

Visit this link to get your copy, if you want.

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