Thursday, December 22, 2016

Simon Shawn Andrews

Because of Modernism, this idea of suppressing the past or rejecting the past art is still a little in vogue, you get art that is devoid of meaning or substance. However, some artists dive deep in the past and bring those ideas to the present. These artists are making richer and more meaningful work. Simon Shawn Andrews is one of those artists that is pulling from the past while making work that says something about today. You might say his work is similar to Barque mannerist artists that exaggerated the figure, only in the style of today, Shawn Andrews is using abstraction as his mode of expressing his figures.  His process is mono-printing and very satisfying to watch. Lucky he has a Youtube channel where he has posted as few process videos. Here is an example of one of his process videos.

His images are compelling and I am impressed how a bit of mixing and swirling of ink can make such complex narrative work. He mentions that his influences are people like Titian and DeKooning which makes sense, because his images are a mash up of the past masters with AbEx playful brush strokes. I think Shawn Andrews, by drawing from the past in such a loving way, has created more original work than someone that rejects the past or deskilled their art practices. His website is quite impressive and here is the link to his Youtube Channel. 

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