Monday, December 12, 2016

Old Signature Paintings

So this is the best shot I have of this painting. I was pretty dark to begin with, but here was what I was experimenting with in around 2004-05. I was trying to incorporate text and the signature, but I was still heavy on old painting styles. I was using my own signature to repeat and then place within a composition. I was influences at the time by my experience at Western Kentucky University painting program. I have sense worked my way out of it, but maybe I can dip right in if I discard the loose, messiness and create a clean complex image that has meaningful marks and not just random decorative squares that complement the text rather than supporting the text in a meaningful way.

This second example came after my 2005 piece. In 2006-07, I used my signature again, but this time I used large letters of my name in text in order to create the image. Unfortunately, it was a bit clunky. I need to redo the text and clean up the lines. I still have this one in storage, so I guess I could go back to it if I wanted. Someone owns the top painting, so no going back I guess. Personally, I might try a brand new one in light of all I have learned.

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