Friday, November 25, 2016

Shishimaru Igarashi

This is an update on an artist that went to the same grad school, UNT, around the same time I was there.  Shishimaru Igarashi aka Clyde was making these characters interact with people. They were kind of like little spirt animals. His work derives from some street aesthetics, graphic elements, and (east and western influences). I know I just used the ridiculous terms (east and west), but it is short hand here. Maybe I will have to write about that a little later, because clearly those terms are a gross generalization that homogenizes a whole host of cultures and traditions into two categories. But I digress, Clyde has gotten a little more dark in his content. I know his move to NYC right after grad school was less than a positive experience. I am excited he has bounced back and is producing some new work.

Here is his website site.
Here is my preview article on him.

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