Monday, November 14, 2016

Joe Mraz

Joe Mraz was part of last years regional artists show at the Longview Fine Arts Museum. He also leads the informal get together of watercolorists and artists group in Longview. Longview artists don't run a club, but rather more casual setting of artists talking, critiquing, and generally having a good time. I rarely am able to visit the group, but when I do, it is often really fun. I get some good feedback and Mraz is very generous. Longview is a larger town than Marshall, but the visual artists in and round Marshall have several things going for them. The have the formal group of the Marshall Art League, but also an informal group that meets Fridays. Mraz and his artists friends are making a noble effort and I like what they offer. I have encouraged many artist that live closer to Marshall to visit this group and vise versa. I hope we can build somethings with the two communities talking to each other. 

Joe has a blog here, and a Facebook page here

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