Monday, November 07, 2016

Chicago Imagists

Hairy Who? The Chicago Imagists from Pentimenti Productions on Vimeo.

Hairy Who? The Chicago Imagist seem to be a topic on Bad at Sports podcast now and then, well at least some of the early episodes. I knew about them a bit, because of They Might Be Gaints early albums has art work that has a similar aesthetic to Jim Nutt's work. Only Mark Marek, which worked on TMBG's video Istanbul (not Constantinople), was not directly connected to the Chicago Imagist as a student. Marek came out in the late 1980's making work, while the Chicago Imagist were from the 1960's.  That kind of work really isn't something I find myself normally interested in, other than maybe a comic book style. However, I want to learn more for some reason, maybe this documentary will sway me.

Suellen Rocca
Art Green
Jim Nutt
Karl Wirsum
Gladys Nilsson

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