Saturday, November 05, 2016

Bobby Wotnot

Last post, Bobby Wotnot left me a comment. Thank you for dropping by Bobby. He is an artist form St Ives Corwall. His work uses small marks to make abstract works. Playful and informal Formalist art that reminds me a bit of Austrian Aboriginal art and a bit Kandinsky circles paintings, mixed in with some experiments with basic lines or dots. I hope he doesn't mind but I have an image of his recent post, check out this link to Bobby Wotnot's blog. Also his Google Plus page link is here. Wish you the best of success Bobby Wotnot.

1 comment:

Bobby Wotnot said...

Todd, I have no problem with you using an image or any images of mine. Thank you so much for sharing my little corner of the art world for all to see. Cheers Bobby.