Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Anti Drip

A drawing I am constructing takes on several issues pertaining to the "drip." For what ever reason, I have started to be very critical of the drip to the point I feel the need to satirize it in a drawing. I am not talking about Jackson Pollack's on the floor drips, but rather those easy drips caused by gravity. Paintings like from the street artist Zevs or Craig "KR" Costello. Here is some links for Zevs and Costello. Famous Dex has also come out with a few songs on dripping. Drippy means something flashy, swag, or with style. Young Thug and Future used the word "drippin" to also describe these ideas. Zevs and Costello add drips which seem to help further a building's or logo's swag. Street art that is suppose to not make something less desirable, but more. Although with gravity, it is a fast and easy add on to an otherwise already desirable thing. Thus I am questioning this drip thing, but seeing if I can simulate the drip through drawing a slow and steady simulation that takes hours if not days to complete. Similar to the way Roy Lichtenstein simulated the Abstract Expressionist work in his own graphic/illustrative style.

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