Sunday, October 23, 2016

Top Art Blogs According to Google

Powered by BlogMetrics is a site the ranks and evaluates different blogs across the web. Of course, I was interested in art blogs I could follow, but it turns out this blog ranked in one of their lists. Top Art blogs by Google PR; I was ranked 63, their Art Blogs: The ultimate rank; 70, and their Top Art blogs by the number of pages indexed by Google: I was ranked 21.

But lets get past that self-congratulatory silliness that those numbers might suggest, if they suggest anything at all. I am interested in finding good things to read for myself, and to hopefully discover some links you might want to visit as well.

#1 on the ultimate list is Doodlers Anonymous. A glut of images of drawings that generally all about illustration and the state of illustration in our current age of informal play and several extremely skillful artists.

#4 is Art Observed. This is a blog about art exhibitions. I have booked marked this one and I will be frequenting it often.

#6 is Glasstire. This is my mainstay for Texas Art.

#8 is Making A Mark. I am still feeling this site out, but it has potential to be a regular visit.

#9 is a more newsy site called Culture Grrl.

#10 is Art Fixx, looks interesting, but might not keep my interest. I will have to think about this one. One site not even ranked, but should be more popular than my site is The Great God Pan is Dead blog. It is my source for great articles about Houston Art scene.

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