Thursday, October 13, 2016


Pancho Luna, Invisible Literature, acrylic and collage, 16” x 48” x 10”
Craighead-Green Gallery repost.

Art events are opening all over town. Several community colleges and universities had openings Thursday and Friday. The commercial spaces celebrate the beginning of the fall art season with a plethora of openings. With so many shows, what are the must see exhibitions?

First on my list is Gail Peter Borden at Galleri Urbane. I have enjoyed his minimalist, high gloss paintings, but now he is presenting some sculptures and I want to see how this works relate to his paintings. Next door is the Public Trust and Liliana Bloch Gallery. I am a big fan of glitch art and Kathy Lovas will be showing sculptures and photos that play with data loss at Liliana Bloch. The Public Trust offers you one piece by Ryan McGinness, because hopefully one piece will make you pause and really look at the art. It seems that every time The Public Trust does a soliloquy show I am captured by the piece. I may not come away liking the it, but I always come away respecting the art. I don’t always feel I can take an artwork all in, because I am on to the next piece, but The Public Trust creates that moment and I look forward to experiencing it each time he has this style exhibition.

Erin Cluley Gallery has the city of Dallas’ art photographer Kevin Todora. I say that he is the city’s art photographer because I know so many artists, art galleries, and art organizations he has shot photos for that the art community at large should be thankful we have someone so talented. His art photography has always reminded me of paintings and I am excited to see this new body of work. I am also happy to see Erin Cluley Gallery has been included in the CADD group of galleries. Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art has also joined CADD and I look forward to their shows this season. This summer, Lindsey Dunnagan was amazing and this Saturday they open with Gregory Miller wall sculptures that look more like natural rock formations.

I can’t remember, Damian Ortega or Paul Veroude, first deconstructed an object like a car in a way that one can examine all the parts, but John Peralta also takes a crack at this type of sculpture at the gallery space CINQ. I have been watching their program evolve and grow over at CINQ and I see some potential for some interesting shows in the future.

Cydonia takes a different road than most galleries for a September opening with an offering of a group show. Usually summer is when you find a good group show and technically it is still officially summer, so I guess I will have to stop by to see Cydonia’s show of landscape themed works by artists Julieta Aguinaco, Oscar Berglund, Michael Dumontier, Anouk Mercier, Sybren Renema.

I will also be stopping by Holly Johnson Gallery, Cris Worley Fine Arts, Conduit, Barry Whistler Gallery, PDBG, 500X, and a few more I am sure.

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