Friday, September 23, 2016

Links of Friends

Moses Hoskins Moses Hoskins was born in 1953 in Iowa where he spent his youth and some time...

David Sequeira  DAVID SEQUEIRA is a visual artist, art/business consultant and freelance muse... Sara Ishii Sara Ishii is an American artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her ...

Christi Nielsen

Bernardo Cantu he mines the dual tensions and harmonies of brute and elegant, baroque and mi...

Mariko Frost Mariko explores ideas of relationships, transience, and science fiction in he...

Jenny Jones

Bryce Lafferty 

Zoe Zander Spiliotis

Michael Tole

Murielle White

John Adelman

Julie Barnofski

Paul Booker 

Matthew Bourbon 

Angel Cabrales

Christa Diepenbrock

Robert Jessup

Ted Kincaid

Annette Lawrence

Paho Mann

Jessica McCambly

Greg Mezt

Tom Orr

Elizabeth Owens 

Lesli Robertson

John Spriggins

Scott Trent

David Jones and Kim Jones

James Pearson

Annabelle Wilson

George Vitorovich

Brad Ford Smith

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selena dixon said...

thanks for the list, would be nice it these were active links...