Wednesday, August 03, 2016

5TH ANNUAL DALLAS GALLERY DAY repost of my article

I know the heat is oppressive and it is tempting to stay in your home all weekend and breathe stale air conditioned air, but this would be a mistake. I encourage you to pack a small cooler or get a cold drink at a drive through, then hit the galleries for a fun filled evening. Why visit art galleries, because it is the 5th annual Dallas Gallery Day on July 23 from noon to eight at night. Many of the usual suspects, like the CADD galleries, are hosting shows, but a few other art spaces are on the list that I am excited to explore. So, break out your GPS or pull out a map because you’re going to be driving all over town if you want to see everything.

I first want to check out Blue Print. I know it is more an interior design space, but seeing that the Blue Print is on Fairmount Street, it might rekindle the nostalgia for those good old days when the gallery scene was in mid town. The old Gerald Peters Gallery, Craighead Green Gallery, and Goss were a few of the places that made that area hip for a while. Making an attempt to put a commercial gallery face to the Arts Districts, JM Gallery over on Routh Street should be interesting to see. Works by Kenneth Burris look a little campy, but I’m game to check it out.

Close to Dragon Street, and on my must see list is Carneal Simmon Contemporary Art. They have on display these huge panels by Lindsey Dunnagan that show an aerial view of a town or home. The watercolor she uses makes these images of people's sense of place seem more like memories than real places. I am reminded of blueprints or survey maps with a richer element of color blooming across the surface. On Dragon Street, Mary Tomás Gallery is having a summer fun group show. Some great work is up and they are so friendly that it is a crime not to at least drop by and see their shows. Other galleries around Dragon Street that are open include: Barry Whistler, Christopher Marin, Cinq, Conduit, Craighead Green, Laura Rathe, The Lawley Art Group, Samuel Lynne, Smink, and Wall.

I don’t often get to LuminArté Fine Art Gallery, but I would like to get a closer look at the work by Scott Eakin and Artyce Colen. Scott Eakin in particular has intriguing paintings that feel a little like glitch art, but still have a foot in traditional Modernists geometric art. His series is titled Broken Colors which is a great description for what his paintings are accomplishing. Of course, while I am down Levee Street, I have to go see the gorgeous paintings by Anna Bogatin. She takes the minimalist approach seriously by creating meditative masterpieces of stroke after stroke of paint. Other galleries open on Levee are Sun and Moon, Cris Worley Fine Arts, and Circuit 12 Contemporary.

After you have diven all over town to see gobs of art, one more must see show it at Talley Dunn Gallery. Multiplicity: Theory, Method, and Media is real eye candy for those that like abstract, geometric, minimal/maximal mashup, with a little bit of the Op thrown into the mix. Jesse Meraz does a stellar job curating a complex group of works.

Other participating galleries include: Ro2 Art, THe Public Trust, Liliana Bloch, Level, Kirk Hopper, Kettle, Galleri Urbane, Erin Cluley, Cydonia, and the Dallas Contemporary.

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