Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gary Johnson 2016

The Libertarian Party has put forth Gary Johnson as their presidential candidate. I have taken as an example of his design a bumpersticker from his campaign. So, the smallest text informing the public that he was Governor bring credibility to his campaign. It is small, but telling because he wants to distinguish himself from other candidate running. Gary Johnson's name is large over the red star and two red lines.  The word, "for" is in italics which emphasize the word president. I think this design is pretty conservative in design. Reminds me of McCain/Palin with the use of the star and lines as separator. Red, White, and Blue is common for a campaign for president, but it works well in most cases. This is not really eye catching or inspiring, but is it straight forward and makes Gary Johnson look like a viable candidate, so if it works then it works.

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