Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dr. Gill Stein 2016

Every election for the past few cycles of presidents, I have debated the design quality of the campaigns. Normally I would hit the D and the R with my options, but I have decided not to this year for my own reasons. So, what is left but the other parties making a go at it. I will start with Dr. Gill Stein of the Green Party US. This is a particularly eye catching in that the sun draws you in to grab your attention. I like how the dot of the eye also uses the yellow to emphasize Jill's name. The tag line at the top is good for an underdog, but if she rises significantly in the polls, it might be a hindrance. Of course, Green Party usually incorporates green, but yellow is bold choice in a political logo. The combination of using serif and sans serif together create a good contrast. Tomorrow I will be looking at Gary Johnson's 2016 bid for the Presidency.

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