Thursday, May 05, 2016

Email from Ed Blackburn part 1

A long time ago, (6  or 7 years ago) I took a class with Ed Blackburn. About a year ago, his emails began to populate my feed. These were paintings that were extremely topical at the time. It was like news happened and then I got an email with a painting of the event. I thought of how it must have been like before TV. Paintings were part of the mass media machine during that time. So, these works reach into the past and play with the present. These emails come from Ed and Linda Blackburn's account, so I don't want to assume that everything I received was created by Ed. But his style and engagement in current events speaks to what I know about him and his work informs me that the work below is his paintings. From the work I have seen from Linda, she plays with a different kind of narrative in her paintings. Anyways, here is Ed Blackburn's paintings from June 12 2015.

Loretta lynch

Congressmen speak


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