Thursday, May 26, 2016

Deborah Brown

"Belle Epoque" 2015 oil on canvas 60" x 48"

When an artist get represented by a gallery, the feeling is quite exhilarating.  Deborah Brown has just be picked up for representation by Mike Weiss Gallery in New York City. From reviewing their artists that they represent, I can see she will make a good fit. Brown is employing a scumbling technique in her paintings. Only instead of small brush strokes to make objects and figures have the illusion of form, Brown makes broad gestures. Yet, her paintings still look to have shape and form. Brown is a Facebook friend of mine and I have been visiting her page from time to time to see her progress. This news of representation is a welcomed advanced for her career, but I am sure will also help challenge her to keep innovating and creating a great body of work. Knowing you have a gallery that is willing to support your vision really helps to boost an artist's spirits.

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