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Rafaël Rozendaal - 15 05 02 Gmail, 2015
Jacquard weaving
56 3/4 × 104 3/4 in
Steve Turner - Los Angeles

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Next Week, the Dallas Art Fair will launch another art filled, long weekend. Already many of the local galleries have installed shows that feature some of their strongest or riskiest works. The MTV Staying Alive Foundation with The Goss-Michael Foundation and Dallas Contemporary will be hosting their annual auction MTV RE:DEFINE this weekend. PumpHouse and Power Station host openings, The Karpidas Collection opens for an hour, panel talk at Site 131, tour of the f.i.g., and even Barbeque hosted by Heritage Auctions; if you love art then this coming week would be a good time to take off from work, so you won’t miss anything.

The Dallas Art Fair is one of the most charming art fairs out there. The f.i.g. space allows for fair goers to move around from booth to booth less systematically than your typical fair. Only in spots does the grid format of most fairs comes into play. I am also happy to see a little preview from their Artsy page. Miles of images can be found on this site of participating galleries. You can find a great deal of information for the Dallas Art Fair on their website.

Some of the galleries I am looking forward to seeing are first of all, local. I keep forgetting to drop by And Now gallery, so seeing them at the fair will make it easier. They have a smart program, so I am excited to see what they bring to the fair. Because I can’t always get over to Fort Worth on a frequent basis, I am happy to see William Campbell Contemporary Art will be present. Their booth will be one I will want to visit. Valley House, Talley Dunn, Conduit, Chris Worley, Erin Cluley, Kirk Hopper Fine Arts and RO2ART are all great galleries I have written about, so it will be nice to see what kind of group exhibition they cook up for the fair.

But a fair wouldn’t be good without the national and international galleries. London, New York, Berlin, and Dubai along with a whole host of galleries from around the world have descended on Dallas. Bitform Gallery from New York looks like they have art from the future. Louise Alexander Gallery from Italy has some clean, elegant work. Brand New Gallery, also from Italy, reminds me of work I have seen at Dallas gallery Circuit 12 Contemporary. For a taste of LA, check out Steve Turner’s Booth. Also on the west coast is Hosfelt Gallery from San Francisco, they have several artists employing minimalist aesthetic while they also maximize with details. I could go on and on, but there are too many galleries I want to visit based on viewing their sites, seeing work on Artsy, or from seeing some of the galleries at past art fairs.

The Dallas Art Fair has done its job in creating a cultural event that would act as an anchor for all other art institutions, galleries, and art spaces to get involved. More and more people have been calling the week of the fair, Art Week and I too will join in this chorus of voices. Preview is on Thursday and the fair is from Friday to Sunday, ending on April the 17th at 6P.M.

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