Friday, January 08, 2016

The weekend ahead 2015

Ted Larsen, Jungle Gym, 2015, salvage steel, Marine-grade plywood, silicone, Vulcanized rubber,
hardware, 18x23x10".  Conduit Gallery. repost of my article.

This is a great weekend for late night adventures. Aurora lights up the city Friday night and I doubt I will get much sleep. Yet I still plan to get an early start on the galleries opening on Saturday. Lots of great openings and I don’t plan to narrow them down to just a few.

Conduit Gallery just had a great show come down and I am looking forward to this Saturday’s offering. I have made it no secret that I am a big fan of Ted Larsen’s work. I make an effort to see most of his shows in the DFW area, but I have been known to seek his work out across the state. Lance Letscher’s cut outs are always enjoyable, but I am really excited to see what Lily Hanson has going on in the Project Room. I can’t tell from the press images, but my interest has been peeked.

Cris Worley Fine Arts has the beautifully intricate drawings by Robert Lansder. To my joy, another artist obsessed with fine line and details. I think there might be a real art movement evolving with this breed of detail oriented work. Drawing has come to the forefront as a finished work, rather than a sketch for a more ambitious painting or sculpture. Artists’ drawings are taking on an ambition that precludes any need for further development. Lansder’s drawings contain these qualities with the added benefit of being compelling as abstract images.

Circuit 12 Contemporary has group artists concept show inspired by an art piece by Cy Twombly titled Jupiter Island. Robert Andrade, Debra Barrera, William Binnie, Kayla Lewis, Soo Shin, Bryan Volta, Jenyu Wang, and Hyounsang Yoo. I like the concept of seeing sculture as an island. Often times in a gallery space, sculptural objects seem to float out in the middle of the floor, taking space, and even feel other worldly. I look forward to interacting with these abstract objects. I have a feeling the walls will not be neglected either.

Holly Johnson Gallery has what could be a pretty wild show of Rebecca Cater’s art pieces. I also want to see the Joey Brock abstract and slightly graffiti inspired paintings at Craighead-Green. I just know online pictures and card don’t do the work justice. A reproduction can only grab your attention, but visiting the pieces will bring a whole other level to any art experience. Galleri Urbane’s collage shows of David Willburn and Andrea Marie Breiling should make for some interesting conversations.

All the galleries mentioned above are open all day Saturday, but their opening receptions are from 6 to 8PM. Finally, if I can drag myself out again, then I would find myself at Terrain Dallas to see another odd creation by Rachel Fischer in the front yard of this fascinating art location. Lookup 1122 Elmdale Pl in Dallas, TX 75224 and visit them Sunday from 1 to 3PM. Fischer is definitely one to watch.

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