Tuesday, January 12, 2016

THE MAC + Cedars Open Studio Tour

image courtesy of Michael David Needleman

ModernDallas.net repost of my article.

Out of the blue, I was invited by someone to visit this year’s Cedars Open Studio Tour. I must admit, it has been a little while since I took the tour, so I figure, why not. Last time I had a lot of fun meeting artists, but this time I have the added bonus of visiting one of my favorite art non-profit venues in Dallas, The MAC.

The MAC has a new location and this is their second show. Their first was a members show, which shows where their heart lies. Several artists will be there to talk about their work, so I am excited to hear some good conversation about process. As an art teacher I am always looking for tips to pass along to my students. I would like to get talk to David Needleman, he has some conceptual and abstract work I would like to ask him about. I would like to talk to Lindsey Owen about her art works. I have seen drawings on her Facebook art page, but I would love to see her demonstrate her techniques. Seeing Tauma Wiggins make a watercolor would also be a treat.

The MAC will also be hosting a group show titled Lost Worlds, which might apply for the theme of these works, but the Cedars Neighborhood will now be found because of this important institutions move south. For me, the MAC acts as a counterbalance for the Dallas Contemporary. Their mission has been very supportive of the local artists, while bring in relevant artists from outside that inform the artists and art loving community. I see this new space as a potential shift for the art scene as a whole. RE Gallery is already in the area, although closing, but I predict more galleries will move into the Cedars.

Lost Worlds should be an interesting show and not just because all the artists are working in the Cedars. The show includes artist Sheryl Anaya who works in photography and installation, Joshua von Ammon who focuses on conceptual type art, Ali De Vito who uses patterns and colors that feel disconnected, alienated with the look flat wallpaper abstractions, Michael Morris and Sean P. Miller both work in glitch art, and finally Sean David Morgan who has the Deep Ellum style of painting. Like all studio tours, Cedars will have a mixed bag of good, bad, and ugly. However, the MAC has brought together a great highlight show which illustrates the quality of the art being created in the neighborhood around this institution.

Both the Cedars Open Studio Tour and the MAC open this Saturday, November 21st at noon and will be open until six o’clock. The MAC will continue their show of local artists through December 12th.

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