Friday, January 15, 2016


Jeffrey Dell repost of my article.

When does visual art seem to blend into the other senses? You will have to visit Galleri Urbane to see Jessica Snow’s and Jeffrey Dell’s solo shows to hear and taste the art. I don’t mean literally hear and taste, but these sensations seem to be at play each show.

Jessica Snow’s exhibition reflects sound through rhythm and color. When you walk into the space and turn left, on the long wall is an installation of individual framed paintings. Between the framed works are lines and shapes applied to the wall. My first impression was that this was was playing on diagramming sentences, but after reading about the show, I discovered Snow was influenced by music rather than grammar in these particular pieces. Snow told me that she was influenced by John Cage’s alternative notations of music. I have an old book with examples of these and I can see the correlations. Reflecting on this wall installation, I see the rhythm in her lines and colors. If you look and linger, the notes seem to seep in and I thought I could start hearing these works as well experience them visually. Many of the individual pieces had a minimalist quality akin to the music of Steve Reich, but the install felt more spirited like Philip Glass current work.

I am reminded of Sol Lewitt and his attempt to make art more like music by giving instructions to his pieces to be recreated, thus reinterpreted. Snow isn’t give us instructions to recreate her pieces, but rather giving us a way to experience the visual while tapping into our sense of sound through music. With this unique installation at Galleri Urbane, we are is likely to the last people to see/hear these pieces perform together to make this music.

Jeffrey Dell creates colors so bright and inviting, I think I could just lick each piece and get a sweet flavor. Lucky for me, the Plexiglass was there to prevent me from trying. I remember past series where he was inspired by cake and parties. The colors in this series seem to be even richer and tastier. Dell also intrigues me with his rhythmic folds of the paper. This highly graphic approach makes the edges of the colors clean and crisp. I know he has done a series like this before, but these works blending color in such lushes ways I couldn’t help but taste each piece with my eyes. I think with each iteration of these works Dell’s images become richer and more attractive than the series before.

The two solo shows titled Side by Side be up through January 2nd. I know visually Snow and Dell make a good pair, but it is clear to me that the fact they both tap into other senses makes the pairing extra special. Kodos to Galleri Urbane for their vision, taste, and listening skills.

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