Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brandon Stapp

It is not often I talk about music, but in this case I would like to talk about the career of Brandon Stapp. We go way back to the second grade and every now and then we have touched base with each other. For most of middle and high school, Brandon was searching for a way to express himself. He did a little drawing, some short film making, wrote a little, but when he got to college, he started developing his passion for playing turn table style music. His first break was with the WWHR college radio station where he took the persona of Airon which he used during his Airon Later show and a Near Dark goth show. For more detail on this time at the station, check out this site that goes into detail. I knew Brandon was mixing music, but when my second animation I was producing needed a soundtrack, I asked him if he might be interested. What he delivered was a great track that fit the piece perfectly. Later, I went to a few parties he was hosting while spinning records and I was quite impressed with his talent. Doing the DJ thing can have its ups and downs. He hasn't been able to always play full time, but I am sure the music is still flowing through him as we speak.
He also got passionate about politics a bit and he blogged about things he was running across the internet. His blog is 43 Ideas Per Minute, but it seems he hasn't updated it for a while.  Back in 2007, he wrote to the Bill O' Reilly show and was quoted on the air. Brandon wrote, "O'Reilly, it's amazing how you behave like a spoiled child when confronted with a calm, factually correct guest like Dave Kopel." Check out this source link.
He is also a Facebook friend, but our friendship predates the site by a ton of years. I remember he also writes. One particular short story titled Nine Inch Neal was my favorite. His Facebook account is linked here.
This summer I am going back to Kentucky. Visiting Brandon will be a must do on my list of visits.

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