Saturday, January 16, 2016

Brandon Reasoner

Absent Moments III 
48"x 36" Spray Paint, Graphite, Charcoal on Paper 
Brandon Reasoner, 2014

Abstract artist out of Waco, Texas: Brandon Reasoner comes from the legendary and now UNT Painting and Drawing department. His art is mix media which is influenced by the predominant force of gravity in the area: Baylor University professor Karl Umlauf. Although he is also wisely influenced by artist Ed Jasek. Reasoner and Jasek are in the same studio complex together and I believe Jasek has been a great sounding board for Reasoner to help him flush out his ideas. Reasoner is good at improvised mark making. He controls his composition while allowing drips and bleeds of paint to flow and play across the surface.
His recent work is simple and splashy. I see him clearing his composition similar to Kline's abstractions. Black and white gestures of abstraction is no Reasoner's mode of production. Here is a link to his Facebook page.

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