Monday, January 18, 2016

Ariel González Losada

Detail of a drawing

Ariel González Losada uses information, factual images, networking, maps, systems, musical notation and text to create a composition that is complex and engaging. Like John Cage, he is not only working visually, but is also composes music. Here are some great examples of the art images at a Flickr account. Born in Buenos Aires his posts on Facebook are in Spanish, but I love his work, so I am happy to check in with what he is doing. I can get a vague idea. I have heard his work compared to artist Carlfriedrich Claus. But Losada is more systematic and organized where as Claus is more free form. Claus is almost using a kind of automatic writer where words flow all over the page. Here are two link and link of great little articles on his work.  Although both are creating a kind of visual poetry. 

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