Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bill Jamison

So, I was browsing my local library in Jefferson Texas when I cam across this book about one of their former resident. Bill Jamison was a sculptor in the modernist style. The book is filled with examples of his work. I see a little bit of Henry Moore, David Smith, Barbara Hepworth, Alberto Giacometti, and probably a few others. Not to say he was derivative, but rather he was working right along the modernist mode of aesthetics. The first one is titled Lonely Nude, second is The Pearl Finder, and third is Whit Owl.
Bill Jamison worked and lived in Aspen and died in 2007.

It would be nice if the city of Jefferson Texas owned a piece by him. A piece by him would look great in their old 1907 Carnegie Library which has been restored and is quite beautiful by the way.
The book has an inscription that it was donated in honor of his mother, a member of the 1881 Club of Jefferson, Texas. The publisher is Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. It appears that the company's focus is now on yearbooks for schools.  Photos: credits include: Moses Olmos, Duane Robinson, or Hugh McKay.

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