Monday, November 30, 2015

New Art Piece

So, I have been thinking about things that have captured my attention over the years and one consistent is They Might Be Giants and another thing is role-playing games. Both have had rise and falls in my interest throughout my life, but both seem to play a roll in my life from time to time. I uses to go to TMBG's concerts a lot in my youth. I even saw them on they day I got married, because my wife surprised me with tickets. I played roll-playing games in high school and college, but not until I was in my 40's that I took it up again with my friends through conference calls. Therefore, what better way to combine my work of abstracting text than to taking each album of TMBG and abstracting all the song titles. Then to help create the composition, I roll various dices to help me with my placement of the shapes I have made from the text. Here is my first piece from this series from TMBG's album Flood. This is a 40 by 30 drawing on claybord.

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