Friday, August 14, 2015

Fred Tomaselli and Gallery Beat part 1

So I have watching some old Gallery Beat clips from the NWC public access past of 1993 - 2002 and they have some artists I was either was vaguely aware of or not at all in my memory. I wish I had in my collection all the episodes, because these are get snap shots of the art scene in NYC during that time. The people on the beat are sometimes snarky and other times gushing over the art the encounter. One clip at the Whitney Biennial shows them on the street, apparently kicked out of the even for asking questions. Mark Kostabi confronts them on camera about their criticism of his work. The camera work is raw and a little shaky, but I really felt engaged by their attempt to make sense of the art scene.

So first up is Fred Tomaselli and his funking art paintings. He seems familiar and I am sure my professors talked about him during my undergraduate years, but I probably wasn't listening. This artist takes little objects and places them on the canvas to make these very spiritual, shine, and bombastic paintings.  Here is a nice collection of his work at James Cohen Gallery.

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