Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Cris Worley Fine Art: Trey Egan - Wanna Be Forevermore, 2015
oil on canvas 52 x 70 inches

ModernDallas.net repost by Todd Camplin

This Saturday, gas up your car, gather a bunch of friends to pile into your vehicle, and head out to 30 galleries round town. This year the Dallas Gallery Day is all over town and I don’t think I can make it to all the places unless I start early. Luckily the event is from noon to 8 PM. Plenty of time to see all this art. What is interesting about this gallery night is that a few alternative spaces are on the list. These places you might not visit on a normal art outing.

One such place is an artist gallery. Some artists get either successful enough or in Christopher H. Martin’s case, tenacious enough to open their own place to display and sell art. Martin’s strategy as an artist is making sure his work is always shown locally and to do this he has had a gallery space on and off over the years in different parts of the city. This current space, on Dragon Street, shows the most matured work by Martin. I think Martin is bold and confident to stick with such a venture, so I will pay this space a visit. Mary Tomas Gallery started out similar to Martin’s model, but has evolved into a more traditional space.

Neighborhood is a more traditional retail space located in the Bishop Art District. Places like this make the district enjoyable to visit and has also attracted developers that want to make the area bland again. But ignoring the possible future of the district, right now Neighborhood and places like it are making an effort to put a little style and art in our lives. They will have skate board with painting by Kim Kerr, thick squiggle line drawings by JWR, and the works from the wildly imaginative Bruce Lee Webb. Up in the Mockingbird Station area is the wacky store ATAMA. This too is retail but also gallery space. You will see cartoon based retail objects along with the NexPop and realistic cubist works of Jeremy Biggers.

Another space that breaks the mold of traditional galleries is Mod Artists Gallery. This group space of artists has rotating shows, but also acts as a place where artists in the group can take collectors and talk to people one on one about their work. Ever evolving and changing, Mod Artist Gallery is curated by moderndallas.net publisher Jeff Levine. Kettle Art in Deep Ellum is another mold breaker as a career launcher space. I have known a great deal of artists that were in a Kettle group show of one sort or another and have gone on to have good solo shows. The gallery fits right into the funkiness of the area.

Like my coffee in the morning, I have to have my traditional gallery spaces to visit as well and there are plenty to choose from. Barry Whistler, Conduit, Cris Worley, Craighead Green, Cydonia, Erin Clyley, Galleri Urban, Kirk Hopper, Liliana Bloch, Re, WAAS, Valley House, and Zhulong are on my regular stops. And, of course, I will be visiting my show at Holly Johnson Gallery. I don’t get to see enough good photography when I am out and about visiting galleries, but this weekend I will be dropping by PDNB for their 20th anniversary exhibit and Sun to Moon gallery for their Nature scene in DFW area. Sun to Moon is a kind of vanguard for galleries crossing over Riverfront Drive and locating next to the river. I hope to see you out and about this Saturday. It will be a great day to see some art. Check out the Dallas Gallery Day website for more details. And if you see Brain Gibb of The Public Trust gallery, be sure to thank him for organizing a great summer art event.

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