Friday, May 08, 2015

Contain Me

Black and Blue Words

2014, Ink on claybord, 30 x 30
Hunting Prize Finalist 2015

Contain Me is a solo exhibition of recent drawings by Todd Camplin at Holly Johnson Gallery. Opening reception is on May 16th. Link at CADD and the gallery site for more information.

Several years back, I came across some of my old package design books. I looked though these books with fond memories of my times as an undergraduate in graphic design. I began testing the idea in a few small sketches, but I put it aside for a while. Recently, I picked these books back up and began placing them as my center piece to my drawings. I use my text elements to flow in and out of the package designs. The flat foldouts of these packages contained my drawings. After several drawings with box designs, I dropped the box element for just my text shapes. I expanded my technique from paper to claybord. Then I came to the conclusion that I should attempt to completely fill the page with my designs. I once again tested my process and then I created several filled drawings that were fully contained on the paper. Each drawing concept lead to another concept and all spawned from my package design templates.

My work abstracts text into ink drawings on paper or claybord. I have combined my text with the idea of containment.  These three different composition styles include: box designs, filling the paper, and dropping the box out of the design. This communicates the idea of how we create frameworks for our writing in order to make coherent composition. The box is a kind of device that holds the text like a piece of line paper holds a short essay. The work without boxes are more like stream of consciousness writings. The filled drawings repeat like a long iambic pentameter poem.

Holly Johnson Gallery
1845 Levee Street #100
Dallas, TX 75207

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