Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Albert Weaver, Alex Paik, Alexis Granwell

Albert Weaver's Untitled 06

This artist is included in the upcoming show at 500X. This particular work struck my fancy found from the website, so I thought I mention this work here. Not sure what work will be in the show? Guess I will go Saturday night and check it out. In the meantime, I enjoy the Untitled series. Seems more complex than some of the more minimal paintings of Weaver's other series. 

Alex Paik

Folded Square (Blue and Yellow Stripes)
gouache, colored pencil, paper
18 x 13 x 8 inches

Another artists in the show, Alex Paik does these simple paper pieces that look childlike and playful. I have taught children to make art pieces, and few have the patients or the courage to have purposeful imperfections. Everything is very rigid and solid for most kids, so Paik may be channeling the look of children's work, I can assure you these are not. Link to site.

Alexis Granwell - Eternal City (displaced and replaced) - 2011

From my article "Alexis Granwell is allowing just the line from the etching process and the roughness of the handmade abacá paper to create the feeling of ancient landscape. I think back to those old line drawings in journals by explorers and conquistadors. Granwell’s etchings are as mysterious as the legendary city of gold. You can search for meanings in the work from the images and clues are dropped in the title, but the search for full disclosure of Granwell’s meanings could become a lifelong quest. The paper’s lines, cracks, and imperfections act as the ground, while also simulating a feeling of a piece made hundreds of years ago. I had to look up the abacá paper making process. Apparently, abacá is from the banana family and the fibers are used to make paper products such as tea bags or vacuum bags. Granwell has found that the fibers also make a very interesting surface to print these large works." Link to her site.

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