Friday, December 26, 2014

An Object of Beauty (a novel) by Steve Martin

I feel a bit uneasy enjoying this book, but it is a nice snap shot of the past few decades of the incredibly odd rise of the art market. The book follows two main characters. The most important character is Lacey Yeager, a Georgian that came to NYC to climb in the art market. She started in Sotheby's auction house, works for a secondary market gallery, and the runs her own contemporary gallery. Her relationships to people are kept either professional or uncommitted when it comes to personal relationships. The other main character is an art writer and he is a kind of keeper of her life story. The setting Steve Martin writes about even flows with little event and actions that seem interesting because I would like to think I live a little of it myself, but might not captivate an outsider to the scene. Although Martin does bring you along with information that is helpful if your not in the know.  I am still debating if I feel passionate about his characters. I still feel he could have gotten a little more deeper into getting to know Yeager. Over all I enjoy the book, if only because I was having fun taking an imaged art life of my own through the book.

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