Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mary Stone Lamb

When an artists studies an object or objects, some look to the detail and perfection of the material of paint to simulate the real. It would seem the Mary Stone Lamb is on this particular mission in her work. She is looking to perfect how the lights and shadows play of the skin of these apples. The apples look good enough to eat, so her simulation of these apples has been reached. I meet Mary Stone Lamb will I was in graduate school. She was teaching Design classes at the University of North Texas. She then moved to North Carolina were she now shows with Frank gallery. Check out her bio and process of art here. The gallery is a collective of artists that have come together and share the space. It looks like the can teach classes there at the space as well. Here is a photo of Mary Stone Lamb teaching a class. Next summer, if I am near Chapel Hill, North Carolina; I will have to drop in an catch up with this talented and passionate artist.

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