Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Notes From the Past

I ran across some old writing about my undergraduate days at WKU. I think it was a reflection piece I wrote just a few years after my 1993-94 Freshman year. The above image is Pearce-Ford Tower, a dorm were I lived for the first semester. I would like to share this writing with you, slightly edited for your reading pleasure.

Freshman year in college and it is the weekend before classes. I have just finished unpacking all my things and I went out for some lunch at the student center. I get back to my dorm and I walk into the elevator. A young man follows me in as I press the button for the 12th floor. He makes no move to push a floor button, instead he positions himself in the corner of the elevator and faces forward. We give each other glances of recognition as the floors counted off. The door split open to my floor and I walk to my room with the elevator guy following me close behind. I unlock my door and he introduces himself. "Oh, I'm your roommate, apparently. I'm Hunter." To attest to my memory skills, I can only remember his name was Hunter, but not his last name. I don't even think his first name was Hunter. He is what I affectionately called a random roommate. If you don't request a roommate, the University assigns just anyone to room with you, thus random roommate.

Hunter was never in the room much. He apparently lived in town or near Bowling Green or at least his girlfriend did. I didn't really pry so I am vague on his biography. I remember he was also out because he was part of a local street hockey league and he was rushing for some Greek organization. Sometimes he would actually sleep in the room, but he would often stay up late reading Steven King books. Another pastime of Hunter was shooting his high power paintball slingshot at people's dorm room doors. A few times he would race into the room after a shooting caper on another floor. To avoid suspicion, he shot our door and complained to the floor residential assistant.

At some point in the semester, all his stuff was removed from his room and I never found out were he went. I didn't even run into him on campus. Of course, it was a big campus and we really didn't run in the same circles at all. 

Another random roommate was Matt. I had the privilege of spending my second semester of my first year of college with him. Matt enjoyed pretty much the same music. We watched a great deal of Movie Channel and MTV together. I remember once Matt joking claimed that he was lead singer of Collective Soul. Matt said, "I don't sound like the current lead, but I still get royalty checks. That is how I am paying for college." His Collective Soul story became a long running gag through the semester. He strummed on his guitar with a measured amount of talent, but really it was just a hobby for him. On Wednesdays, we attended a small devotional group. I lead a few sessions. Matt would play a few songs during our meetings.

I lost touch with Matt as well and I wish I would have kept in touch. I had a lot of friends that came with me from High School. They didn't seem to click with Matt. I guess that is why I didn't really pursue the friendship. Or maybe random roommates are not meant to connect for long term friendships.

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