Monday, April 28, 2014

The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association

Ryan Goolsby - Moudy Gallery: The Art Galleries at TCU repost of my article. 

There is a good reason to plan a visit west of Dallas this Saturday. The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association is having their Spring Gallery Night on March 29. This association is similar to Dallas’ own DADA organization in that it includes non-profits and commercial spaces. And you might say this encompasses greater Fort Worth, because art spaces in Arlington are also included.

With 26 galleries dispersed throughout a large area, it is good to narrow things down a bit. At the top of my list every time I visit Fort Worth is William Campbell Contemporary Art. This time in particular because Jake Gilson is showing his messy oil stick and oil pastel minimalism. Gilson takes the idea of traditional simple clean shapes of minimalism and twists it through his use of material and application.

TCU has some great art spaces, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts and Moody Gallery. I especially want to see Ryan Goolsby’s MFA thesis show titled “What Goes On.” His simple sculptures of wood with a hint of color are really complex representation of graphic information. Goolsby is one of those Information Age artists that is reinterpreting the world and questioning how information is conveyed. FWCA show titled “Dramedy” has 12 artists playing in dark themed work. I also like to see the big Biennial group show at the Fort Worth Community Art Center, however, FWCA will likely have a lot less noise. Fort Worth Modern is also a must see space. I would love to see the “New York in the 1980s: Urban Theater” show. All those objects and artists that I read about in my contemporary art books will be there. It will be like experiencing those books all over again. Eclectic Expressions in Arlington has shown Bernardo Cantu, which instantly gives them credibility to go out of your way to visit.

When I feel like going to shows I know nothing about, but could be great gems, then I like visiting the Tarrant County Community College galleries. There is one at the South, Northwest, Southeast, and Trinity River campuses. Unfortunately, little press can be found about any of the spaces, so I often go in blind. But its worth it to have an adventure and possibly discover some new artist, or at least see something memorable.

Lots of landscapes, some figurative, unchallenging abstract, and glass objects tend to dominate the landscape, but a few contemporary oasis spaces await you if you’re willing to drive a little bit more. click here for all the details. for more pictures

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