Saturday, April 05, 2014


Coined as a term describing the movement as stuck in the past, Stuckism became this groups battle cry. However, these artists were just Neo Expressionist like the art movements in other parts of the world.The only difference was that they were reacting against Conceptualism. They also famously protest against the Turner Prize. Their founders do look backwards, but clearly not to the best parts of Modernism. Or if they look back, they have not managed to leap forward with anything relevantly interesting. Billy Childish and Charles Thomson founded this group along with other artists like Philip Absolon who paints figurative work, but really not much in further the developing Expressionism. What work I can find online of Sheila Clark's work, I see mostly Edward Munch influence. Frances Castle looks more like an illustrator. Eamon Everall is painting cubism. Ella Guru paints in a Modernist style that focus on the ugly and grotesque. Wolf Howard and Sanchia Lewis paints recreations of what they think are child-like paintings. Bill Lewis sometimes paints tamer, less interesting versions of Chagall. At least Joe Machine's work is incredibly creepy and challenging for the group, though still stuck in the past.  Sexton Ming must have other talents than the visual arts. Charles Williams' work has changed from his Stuckism days. The group continues on internationally, although some of the originals are either loosely affiliated or haves dropped all together. This group is a clear contrast to the YBAs in the late 1990's, but I can't say I found much of their works engaging enough to see there point of view.  If much of the work was made in the 1930's, or even the 1980's, but these Johnny come
lately artists only have their protests against the Turner Prize as their claim to fame. There work doesn't hold a relevant candle to what other artists were doing in the UK.

Back in 2008 I have a very different take on the group. Here is a link.


Charles Thomson said...

Your comments are rather out of date. Billy Childish, Sheila Clark, Wolf Howard, Sanchia Lewis and Sexton Ming have left or not been active as Stuckists for (up to 12) years.

Todd Camplin said...

I do mention some have dropped out. Other members are still actively protesting the Turner Prize. André Breton kicked out Dali from the surrealist group, but he was still making surrealist paintings after he got the boot. The same can be said of the artists you mentions. Just because they are no longer members doesn't mean these artists have stopped making Stuckism style works.