Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canonizes Art

Erin Duhan, 2006
painted print 12 by 24

This summer, I will be canonizes my art. So pieces will be declared official Todd Camplin art. Other pieces, I will be declaring trash and not official art of Todd Camplin. I plan to either trash or give away pieces I to consider unofficial works. Much of my work, I did, was my learning the craft or experimentation. I didn't really hit my stride until 2004 when I began my signature and text art series. I plan to keep a few key art pieces from the past to highlight my progression, but those pieces are not in my possession, so I don't want to cancel some of these works out just to satisfy my purge. I have never really purged before, so I might need to ask a few artists for advice. Maybe I just purge the works I have and declare all the rest that are out there my art. I do have a kind of catalog of my art, but it is a little informal. Artist Mariko Frost gave me a form I could make a list my work and a place for an image. I might get organized this summer and start creating a catalog.

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