Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brad Ford Smith

A while back, I was in the 2 x 2 show at the Bath House Cultural Center with several artists. I wasn't excited about much of the work in the show, but Brad Ford Smith's art stood out and I have sense linked his page to my main art page. I love his cat food garden. It looks as if the base of his sculptures are cat food containers. Organic shaped metal seems to grow out of each base. Another project Brad is pursing is the exploration of the Nomadic Fungi. This creepy fungi infects ants and basically turns them into zombies, before exploding out of their heads and blasting its spores all over the place. Brad infects toy cars with his versions of fungi sculptures. Visit Nomadic Fungi Institute web site for more information on this strange fungi. I also respond to his works on paper series, DTD phase 3. Each piece is like a portrait of an abstract object interacting with a second object, overlaying an active background.

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Brad Ford Smith said...

Todd, Thank you so much for the wonderful review of my artwork and the links to my web site. Thought you might like the link to the Nomadic Fungi Institute web site They have been working hard to spread the word about Nomadic Fungi.

Keep drawing and writing. See you in the galleries,