Friday, March 21, 2014

Art Gallery Run

John Adelman Exchange, 2012, gel ink on paper,
54 x 42" - Holly Johnson Gallery re-post of my article

If you ever get a chance to visit art galleries with a six year old, I would suggest you give it a try. I took my son out to go gallery hopping last weekend, and I got some interesting insight. A few key things are important to keep in mind when taking a small child. Constantly remind the child to not touch anything, listen to everything he or she says, and be sure to allow the child to interact with anyone along the way.

Because CADD is doing their 13 days of art campaign, I thought I would hit as many of their galleries as possible. We started with 500x and their celebration of past members. My son raced to the stairs, turned the corner, and was stopped in his tracks by a piece from Greg Metz. He thought the sculpture was a Dr Seuss machine. He walked around and around, fascinated by each detail.

I was wanting to spend more time looking at works by Simeen Farhat and Tom Orr, but my son was on his way downstairs. We then visited Barry Whistler Gallery where I was able to point out that the photographs by Allison V. Smith were taken in Maine, where mommy was raised. He wasn’t as excited as I’d hoped, but he spent a little more time looking at the photos.

We found ourselves on Dragon Street and at Craighead Green Gallery. My son really enjoyed Shawn Smith’s animal sculptures. He wanted to touch every piece of Smith’s. “We could buy that one,” he would often say. For me, the Octopus was so impressive, that it completely overshadowed the rest of his works. But for my son, he looked at each piece with equal amount of wonder and awe.

When we visited Cohn Drennan Contemporary, my son proceeded to rename every Bonny Leibowitz sculpture. His names like, Loop a loop, Jup a Jup, Cocoon, and Dome of Doom replaced Leibowitz’s titles Assisted Living, The Tempest, Safety Concerns, and Love Muffin’s Unofficial Monument . At Conduit, my son asked to visit the back room. A kid after my own heart. Once we got permission, he pointed out all the art he wanted. We also played with a magnifying glass, looking for clues to crimes in Carrie Marill’s whimsical gouache on paper paintings. After a short visit to Holly Johnson and Cris Worley Fine Arts, because my son was about done by then, we celebrated with some pizza before we headed home. The little interactions with the art and people were priceless. I am excited to see how he will continue to grow in his perception of art. for more pictures

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