Friday, December 27, 2013

Personal year in review

I made a few miss steps this year that has set me back a few of my goals. I tried a Kickstarter for a personal project I wanted to launch, but it wasn't funded. I also tried to an Ebay an old painting that was about Auctions and the idea that the act of auctions helps define the work as an art work. I also moved from Waco, away from a job that was paying me well to a no job situation in East Texas. I thought I could land something out here, but it took me until late November to get something. Also the move over the summer and the house was not ready, so I lost a lot of art production time. I nearly got scammed out of art by email. Plus I still have mounds of student debt to pay, health insurance is unaffordable, and money is tight.

A few things did work out. Because I didn't have a full time job, when I got my studio set up, I gained a bit of lost time. I also broke through on a possible new direction in my art. I had several art shows over the course of this year. I am thankful for the health/happy family, house, and studio. We have no car payments.


Brad Ford Smith said...

False starts are what pushing the envelope is all about. Take stock in the experience. Glad to hear you have your East Texas studio set up.

Brad Ford Smith said...

Those false starts can feel like a real set back, but it's all about pushing into new ground. Glad to hear your East Texas studio is up and going.

Todd Camplin said...

Thank Brad Ford Smith, glad to get words of encouragements.