Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anti-Auction Painting on Ebay

My first Ebay listing.

Here what I said:
This work can only be bought and sold through an auction. If this object is sold in any other way or given away in any other means, then this object becomes a worthless sign. You can donate it to a charity, only if they auction it off. The act of owning and placing the work in an auction is part of what makes this  object an artwork. The idea started around 2006 when I entered a similar piece of this series into the Dallas Contemporary 6th WISH Auction in February 2007. I have not released another art work of this four piece series until today. I am releasing this one with the language "gone," which is often said in the process of auctioning objects. Other paintings in which I have used the words "sold" and "through" will be entering other auctions.  
This is an unstretched canvas that will be rolled up and shipped without stretcher bars. The work is a mix media piece with acrylic paint, ink, industrial print, and pencil. The work has been in storage for a while, but once you receive this work, many wrinkles should pull out if you have it stretched on stretcher bars.I have had luck with frames shop stretching my canvas. The canvas has a border over 2 inches on all sides.
About the pictures: The main picture is cropped to show what the painting will look like when it is on a stretcher. The next image is the complete piece, including the unpainted surface. The next two images are details of the painting.
On the back is the title, signature of the artist, and instructions about how to keep the piece an artwork. In 2006, this work was made.

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