Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anthony Caro

I was vaguely aware of Anthony Caro when I heard the news he had pasted at age 89. His abstract sculptures were really quite ambitious and I think as a Modernist, he added a great deal to the discourse. An English artist during a period that New York had overshadowed other art scenes, it might be to our benefit to look more globally at the art made and begin to allow more artists in the canon. Of course, there is only so much room you can commit to Western Art survey book, but it a course on Modern Art could consider other cultural productions across the globe, instead of focusing on pure art movements.
Anthony Caro, even though having worked with Henry Moore, follow his own path away from the figure to more abstract forms. He experimented with materials and shapes, testing out the possible abstractions in a three-dimensional space. His work would fit well in the AbEx school if he was in New York. His forms take on an emotionally heavy feelings, to light and whimsical. I feel you can easily run through a range of emotions look and his body of work.

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bonny leibowitz said...

so true...i was at an exhibit several years ago at the Guggenheim which was featuring a span of works from the 13th century to the present of Russian art...many were names I'd never heard and it too made me think how important it is to look globally...