Friday, September 13, 2013

Works in Progress

So the above works are works in progress. I believe you can click on them and get a larger image of the piece. As always, these are garbage camera shots, because for what ever reason I can not get good photos of my work on the most ideal circumstances. And being as broke as I am after my move out of Waco, it looks like even a flat bed scanner is not affordable at this time.
So the basic idea behind these works are that I got permission on a limited basis from the publisher Pepin Press to recreate their folding designs from four of their package design books for my art project. This was something I sought out, because I wanted to work from some books ad agencies might use in their product designs. I also dipped back into my past designs of text art. I have pulled them out of the context I intended in the original art work, and now these word designs have become just pure noise. A mix mash of words, phrases, and poem segments. Box is never intended to be assembled, as my text is can never be reassembles.
These are two of a series of five, possibly more, as I tease out a new body of work.


Lisa Fulton said...

These are very nice! You are right, it is hard to see delicate work like this on a computer screen. Clicking to enlarge helps - and I can see them well enough to appreciate what you have done.

Lady Lilith BloodCrave said...

Nice. I really like the colors. I like soft pastels agains neutrals. I hope you will post the finished project. I would love to see how it comes out.
I know what you mean. I am a struggling photographer. Other then my camera, I make do with what I got.

Todd Camplin said...

Thank you Lisa, and Lilith - loved exploring your blog.