Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Norsworthy Gallery, Shreveport, LA

I took a long visit to Shreveport to see the art scene. Most spaces were nonprofits, but I ran into one commercial space. They work in partnership with other art spaces to create synergy. Their website shows some of their artists and history. The current show was interesting collection of mix media paintings by Gwen Norsworthy. They know the people in Jefferson gallery.  They have been around for three years and they have a huge collection of Gwen Norsworthy, so shows of her art will appear often in the gallery space. The owner is a budding artist working in watercolors and for a small town gallery, the space show lots of promise.


Sarah Noah said...

I love that this post focuses on an arts business in a town you were passing through. I love seeing what other towns might be doing in the arts and am grateful you touched on this.

As I continue to read your blog, I can't help but wonder if in the future, you might give even more information about these locations. I would love to hear more about them, or catch a glimpse into why you thought it was worth mentioning on the blog.

I am also an arts blogger, who writes mostly about
small town arts. I do not get the chance to travel to other places much, and enjoy reading about other towns and how they approach the arts.

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Todd Camplin said...

Thank you Sarah. Sometimes I am a little informal about my writing here. I have just moved into an area surrounded by small galleries and I am just getting started in exploring all these small spaces. I should spend about 400 to 500 words in each article, like I do for the site I write for. Thanks for the link, great blog you have!