Thursday, July 18, 2013

Erica Wickett

Well, it has been about a month out of my old studio in Waco, but I left behind a some talented artists that might be in a show near you soon. Erica Wickett is one such artist that had a nice creative place in the back of the collective studio space. She mostly works in thick abstract paintings that seem to resemble a section of earth or maybe a portion of a decaying building. The textures are thick and rhythmic with mainly earth tones and you generally get the feeling that Wickett could be tapping into a purely primitive aesthetic. Not primitive in the sense of 'untrained,' but more like Wickett is reaching back into our base experiences as humans when we first moved into caves or shelters. We as humans needed the caves for their constant temperature and easy defense. I am reminded of the cave walls off of I35 caverns, between Waco and Austin.
I was lucky enough to snag a drawing in charcoal by her through a trade. Her drawings are some of my favorite works. They are strong in complexity and they tend to be figurative in nature like Jackson Pollack. The marks fill the paper and she tends towards the very stark and dramatic black and white in her drawings.

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