Sunday, May 05, 2013

Mayo Clinic Art Collection

While I was at the Mayo Clinic in 2000, I got to see a great art collection. Here is a list of some of the works I saw and I thought was interesting.

Endangered Species prints by Andy Warhol
A print by Alexander Calder
a George Barque piece
a print by Dant Carlson, Barbara Helpworth, Romare Beardon, Rausnanberg, Marind
a piece titled Fusion Plastique by Yaacon Agam
a fiber piece by Saysten
a mural on the 5th floor by Fred Conway
an oil painting titled "Genesis," Leonardo Nierman
a piece by Tir A L'Arc
Joan Miro's etching
J Hopkins painting
painting by Solomon
JP Vielfaure
print by Kaushen S.

Plenty of other artists were at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. They also had a cute Fine Art Center within walking distance of the hospital.

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