Monday, March 11, 2013


Angela Kallus, Black Relief, 2012, acrylic on canvas over panel, 42 x 42 x 4 in. repost

Few artists have the power to completely floor me on my first encounter, but back in the day when Angstrom Gallery was buzzing, Oh6 Collective was showing, and Dragon Street wasn't much of a gallery destination; I saw a wild painting by Angela Kallus. It was a painting that used cake tool applications to create a colorful and richly textured work. I nearly fell over, wishing I could meet this person that had managed to make something so close to the edge of kitsch, but then envelopes you into a feeling of sublime bliss.

But nothing can compare to that moment in front of her work. Then, bam, I walked up the stairs of Marty Walker Gallery and there I stood again, with work that seems similar in style to the paintings I saw before, but these were mostly solid color paintings with some subtle variances. Kallus’ choice of color reflects a color palette that is a little richer than you might get from cake frosting, but the idea of frosting comes across loud and clear. Kallus’ flowers were once again applied by cake tools. The flowers vary in size and appear to create patterns of circles and slash marks.

I just got lost in all those endless pressed out roses. I keep feeling that this should be campy, but somehow Kallus transcends the silly with her carefully obsessive placement of flowers. Kallus is taking imposto style painting to a kind of absorbed end; a kind of Eugen Ionescu’s play on panel.

Back in 2005, I was told she lived in Las Vegas. All kinds of preconceptions have swirled in my head about that town, and due to this cloud of negativity, I completely discounted any kind of art community. However, if Angela Kallus is any indication of the art scene over there, I need to book a flight and see works that just might make me long for more with their unforgettable quality. For me, the wait was much too long to see more of Kallus’ paintings.

You have till February 16th to see these New Works by Angela Kallus, but I hope Marty Walker keeps one or two in back stock so I can peek in now and then to get my Kallus fix. Take a look at Dion Johnson’s and Sarah Williams’ paintings in the back room. You will not want to miss your desert after your eyes have had Kallus for the main course. for more images.

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