Thursday, March 07, 2013

Andy Warhol: Supervillian

Andy Warhol and actor Tom McCamus (aka Mason Eckhart) from the really bad series Mutant X back in 2001 had some common traits which made the show watchable, if only to throw insults and make Pop art references. I remember watching it every week with a friend or two, where we would attack the show with a barrage of MST3K style verbal quips. The Mason Eckhart character was particularly amusing with wig and Andy Warhol look which spurred me on to re-read The Philosophy of Andy Warhol and I spent hours at the book store reading their copy of Andy Warhol's Diary - until is sold, just so I could get more obscure references to throw out during the show. Personally, I think Warhol might have liked someone portraying him as a Supervillian, at least his likeness. I just hope Tom McCamus was aware of this likeness, because he sure hammed it up on the screen.
IMDB has a list of posthumous appearances as a character.

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