Thursday, November 08, 2012

In Plain Sight at McClain Gallery reprint of a show in October 2012

If you love painting and you want to see a good survey of the Houston area artists, then you cannot miss the McClain Gallery show. Organized by Aaron Parazette, "In Plain Sight," features some of the best and brightest painters in the Houston art scene. With 40 artists in total, I can only highlight a few here, but each of these artists are worth your consideration.

Joseph Cohen's drip work looks so waxy plastic to the touch that you have to resist the urge to feel the surface. The paint forms these beautifully delicate drips that seem to grow off the edges. I am incredibly excited to see Pat Colville's painting. I really enjoy the loosely rendered geometric forms. The colors and composition seem to make this smaller painting (compared to many in the show) have more presence and power. One surprise to me was Alika Herreshoff's work. From my research, I wasn’t sure I was into Herreshoff's work, but as always a picture of the work online never does any art work justice.

Mark Flood takes the beautiful lace structure and adds a sinister image of some strange fruit hanging from a gallows. The pastel colors Flood uses, are also in stark contrast with the very dark theme he is depicting. In past shows I have seen of Flood, the work was completely abstract, so seeing something be represented in his work was kind of a shock for me, not to mention the kind of image he chose to represent.

Michael Kennaugh and Jonathan Leach present some exciting abstract paintings, but this show doesn’t exclude the representational artists. Emily McGrew presents an introspective figure made and surrounded by expressive brush strokes. Hana Shoup mines old images of royalty, and then depicts these figures in a more updated style of painting.

With so many artists in one space, you might think McClain Gallery crowded in the works, but really there is plenty of room between works and the gallery space is broken up in such a way that you get a nice separation of work. If you are interested I reviewed HJ Bott, David Aylsworth, Randy Twaddle, Heather Bause, William Betts, Susie Rosmarin, Kyle Yong, and Howard Sherman in some past articles. This show made it clear we have a lot to look forward to in the coming years with hopefully some solo shows for a great many of these artists through out Houston. for more images.

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