Saturday, October 06, 2012

Houston art

I love the Houston art scene. So many gallery and so much to see. These are some pictures I took at one of the best painting shows I have seen. I visited it twice this weekend, once white two of my artists friends and their very sweat child. I really enjoyed a new perspective on some of the art. I am going to call up a friend when I visit Houston every time I visit, because those trips are so much more memorable and fun. McClain Gallery - "In Plain Sight"
Me and Howard Sherman's painting
HJ Bott's painting and me


bonny leibowitz said...

Todd, I saw the exhibit too....fantastic!!! An amazing space and the staff were incredibly generous and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed !

Todd Camplin said...

I know, most of the gallery owners in Houston are really nice. And the space is huge now that they took over the whole building.